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Getting back into the swing of things.

Alright, y'all, after a long, hot summer of laziness and zero craftshows, I've dusted off my paint brushes and hit the drawing table!

Last weekend's efforts resulted in some cute dainty doily owls:

And this weekend, I revisited the characters from my Feathered Friends series, putting them in Chuck Taylors or big galoshes!

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Handmade Market!

Phew! What a fun trip I had on Saturday with Tasha...this is the first time I've done an out of town show and didn't have to drive.  I could get used to that....

Handmade Market was such a cute show (and what a super easy load-in!).  I didn't get much of a chance to shop the show, since there were generally customers at my table all day, but what I did get to see was really nice.  Here's my display:

(Thanks to my wonderful fellow vendors across the aisle for taking pictures for me!)
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Chance of airborne farm animals: 100%

So, if you've looked out your window in the last few days and happened to see a pig fly by, it's because I finally gave in to intense peer pressure and joined Facebook. (hhhhyuck.....ptooey)

As my parenthetical sound effect would indicate, I feel about Facebook much the same way the CakeWrecks lady feels about Cupcake Cakes.

But, I am tired of missing out on stuff because no one bothered to tell their non-Facebook (ie REAL LIFE) friends about events/parties/etc.  I am also tired of getting The Look when I say "Sorry, I'm not on Facebook."  It's much the same look you would get if you said to someone "I have no indoor plumbing and thus I pee in a bucket."

So, go be my fan or like me, or whatever it is that you kids do nowadays.

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Stuff! And Pictures of Stuff!

So, my massive back-order of tiny canvases finally arrived this week, just in time to be pretty much useless for spring shows.  Thank you ever so much, Dick Blick. 

I did, however, manage to paint a few ittybitties for the Handmade Market this coming weekend.

Look, so tiny!

Now, the fun part: how to photograph these little guys.  They are tiny and reflective (I am a sucker for gel medium, oooh shiny), so not the easiest thing to take a picture of.

Some various attempts:

The Straight-forward 'Blah' Shot.

The Group 'Blah' Shot.

Warning, Artsy Angle Ahead!

The Haphazard Scatter.

Any thoughts?  I really need to up the awesome in my application photos for fall, because clearly I did not bring it in all of my spring show applications.  (All aboard the rejection train, toot toot!)
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Spring Bada-Bing 2010 wrap up

I'm going to steal a phrase from my buddy Dawn and say I have a serious craft-over.  (I wonder, is there a special kind of uber craft-over when you not only organize the event, but vend at it too?  If so, I have that.)

People loved my new stuff, but I think the economy is still getting people down, because my sales were about half of last year.  Which makes sense since everyone I know is trying to cut their spending (even my most shop-a-holic friends set a budget this year).  We had more paid advertising this year than ever (Style Weekly ad, plus WRIR radio spots and on-screen ads at the Byrd) as well some pre-event press from RVA news, but I guess the old adage is true:

"You can lead a horse to an indie craft show, but you can't make him buy a needle-felted flower brooch."

Ultimately, I'm just glad the event went smoothly.  Seriously, I put way more work into this show than I did for my own wedding, so the fact that nothing burned down, exploded, was stolen and/or abducted by aliens, means I can now sleep soundly...until next year!

I am the biggest nerd EVER

First, in order to tell this story I have to admit that I was watching Dancing with the Stars.

Second, I have to admit that whenever a commercial comes on, I tend to look at the wall decor to see if there's anything from my day job there.

So, I about popped off the couch when I saw my Moroccan Songbird print in a Basset commercial.  I was all like WOOOOO.  Then my husband gave me a high five.

Yep, I am a big nerd.

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